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To Achieve for the New Century a Global Treaty to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons


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Abolition 2000 UK is part of

- a global coalition working for an international convention against nuclear weapons


Abolition 2000 UK was founded in October 1996 and is a coordinating and facilitating office for more than 100 groups in Scotland, Wales and England that have signed the Abolition 2000 statement. Abolition 2000 UK exchanges information, organises cooperative action, produces papers and campaigning material and 'fills the gaps' left by its supporting groups.

What You Can Do To Help

*  Get your local authority, church, voluntary organisation or trade union to sign up to the abolition statement, (copies available from the office).

*  Ask your Mayor or Council Leader to sign up as Mayor for Peace (see the Mayors for Peace website: http://www.pcf.city.hiroshima.jp/mayors/english/ or the website of Nuclear-Free Local Authorities: http://nfznsc.gn.apc.org/)

*  Contact us to find out about local groups working for Abolition 2000 UK.

*  Publicise Abolition 2000 UK locally - we can provide literature.

*  Download a Declaration for a Nuclear-Free World from Abolition 2000 Europe: http://www.abolition2000europe.org/declaration_en.php

*  Ask to be on the mailing list (for a small fee - 40pa for large organisations, 20 for small groups and individuals; 10 concessionary rate).

*  Make a donation; a one-off donation can be sent to the office. Or even better, set up a Standing Order. Download a form here.

*  Order a copy of Security and Survival (10 including p&p) for yourself.

*  Order a free copy of Security and Survival for your MP but check with us first many MPs have received one.





 For further information contact:
162 Holloway Road
N7 8DQ